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All products featured on SELF are independently selected by our editors. However, when you buy something through our retail links, we may earn an affiliate commission. Lovehoney sex expert Ashley Cobb recommends this waterproof vibrator with rumbly vibrations that can be used internally or externally and connects via Bluetooth to an app your partner can control from wherever they are in the world. A pen-drive-shaped panty vibrator that clips into your underwear with a magnet, the Moxie is controlled via app, allowing your partner to control the vibration from 10,or 3, miles away.

It can be used externally or internally, as its insertable, flexible arms bend to fit in whatever position you choose. It can also be combined with other toys. For adding that clitoral sucking sensation to penetrative vaginal or anal sex even in missionary position! Plus, it can be controlled via app remotely, which means you can use it with your partner during a video sex date. Combining precise stimulation with rumbly intensity, finger vibrators are great for both solo sex and couples.

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About the size of a butter packet, it easily fits between two bodies. With 10 speeds and 20 patterns and some seriously dope color options rose gold FTW! G-spot vibrators like this one are also a fun addition during penetrative play, says Carly S. The We-Vibe Chorus has curved or bulbous ends for G-spot stimulation when used internally.

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Because you can fit it tight against your body, it stays in place during penetrative play, allowing it to pulsate against your partner with each thrust. Also, it can be controlled via app by a partner near or far.

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For couples already experienced using sex toys, psychosexual therapist and host of the Sexual Wellness Sessions podcast Kate Moyle recommends this Lelo toy because it creates a more intense feeling. Because of the way the vibrator is curved, if inserted, it touches her G-spot and moves against him too, rotating to create a powerful sense of movement within both bodies.

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For a combination of external and internal stimulation, Engle recommends the flexible Bender vibrator. Angle the shaft so the bulbous tip can hit the spot. Want to show the almighty clitoris some affection? Keep the toy flat and slip it between your legs. Wearing a harness with a pocket for a bullet vibrator is another way to add vibration. The Deuce features all the same perks as the Joque: vibrator pocket, machine-washable, adjustable.

But it has two two! It also allows those with erectile dysfunction to penetrate their partners hands-free. Ready to experiment with pegging or strap-on sex? Bullet vibrators are tiny and discreet in appearance but powerful in delivery. Finn recommends the Le Wand Bullet Vibrator. Equipped with 15 different intensity and vibrator modes, it features a much broader range of intensities compared to some bullet vibes, which only have one or two buzzy settings. Sloane Adult wants sex Shell SELF that vibrating cock rings are a great option for couples who love penetrative vaginal sex with penises or dildos.

The Lelo Tor 2 may be a better vibrating couples ring option. Combining blood flow constriction with vibration can be too much sensation for some folks with penises, Sloane says. Pulsating penis sleeves ahem like this one come highly recommended from sex educator Cassandra Corrado —especially for duos where one or both partners has limited mobility or dexterity. Shaped like a taco shell, the Pulse Duo wraps around a penis to deliver stimulation. It can be used to deliver a hand-free finish or as a masturbation sleeve.

The wearer inserts the shorter arm into their vagina or anus, and then uses their pelvic floor muscles to hold onto the device while thrusting into their partner. Hellofeeling of fullness. Oh, and this option vibrates. For anal stimulation during sex, consider a vibrating rimming plug like this one. Carly S. The speed at which the b-Vibe plug rotates can be controlled via remote. Anal be are another, more dynamic alternative to butt plugs, says Sloane, since they go in and stay in.

Made up of stackable modular rings, the OhNut slides over the base of a penis, dildo, vibrator, or vibrating wearable dildo like the Share to limit how deep it can go. She adds that in addition to reducing depth during penetration, the device can also provide clitoral stimulation in missionary and rider-on-top. Double the fun. Other accessories that can heighten the mood can involve sensory deprivation.

This simple pleasure product is one of the best ways to explore your kinky side, Carly S. A tube sock, tie, or sleep mask will do the trick. And for basic maneuvering and comfort, no matter what position you choose, Carly S. She suggests using it during missionary with an external Adult wants sex Shell. SELF does not provide medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Any information published on this website or by this brand is not intended as a substitute for medical advice, and you should not take any action before consulting with a healthcare professional.

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Adult wants sex Shell

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