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The golden rule? The blow-job-trumps-cunnilingus status quo can be seen most obviously in porn. Studies examining the occurrence of sexual behaviors in porn have found blow jobs happen twice as often as cunnilingus. One study even found that anal sex occurs more often than cunnilingus in porn.

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It is no surprise that the blow job is seen as an essential part of sexy time while eating a woman out is seen as a rare treat. Men can -- and do -- opt out of orally visiting lady bits or just ignore the fact that it is an option altogether. Women don't usually have this option. Blow jobs are part of the sex deal.

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Inevitably there will be someone clamoring that the warm, wet lady bits are just teeming cesspools of bacteria that need to stay isolated from any tongue interaction. So yes, for the record bacteria do exist on the vulva The vagina is filled with healthy bacteria that when kept in balance keeps vaginas in tip-top sexual condition.

Beyond porny influences and dirty misconceptions, our society in general tends to prioritize male pleasure over female. Men enjoying sex is seen as natural -- and essential! Men have to enjoy sex for the good of humanity! We can see this at play throughout TV shows and movies. Movies that dare to show cunnilingus or an actual female orgasm are slapped Any women need oral NC labels. The rest of that equation is the society in which that d-bag lived; one revolving around hard penises. I personally think hard penises are lovely -- but we also need to give some time and attention the warm and hopefully wet!

Everyone has the right to his or her own lingual preference. But we should consider from where these titillating tastes come. Of course, your decision to go down on a woman is always your choice. But we should consider from where these titillating tastes come -- and perhaps even defy some oral-sex norms.

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All sexual acts should ideally be given freely and out of sheer joy and horniness. But the reality is that we live in a world filled with societal expectations and norms that shape and constrict how freely we sex. It would be nice to think our sexual lives are free from societal influences. They are not. Challenging the status quo may just blow your mind -- and, hopefully, your load.

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Niki Fritz is a Thrillist contributor who studies pornography at Indiana University. Her research there has left her painfully aware of the sexist, oral divide. Cunnilingus does seem to be just as popular as blowjobs for people in their 20s, according to the National Survey of Sexual Health and Behavior.

These are similar s the men in the same age group who reportedly received oral sex. Make Fun. Thrillist Serves. Social Media Links.

Any women need oral

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