Are you hot in atlanta

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Atlanta slang runs the culture. But what are some of those terms that move the culture? Calling police 12 is most certainly and Atlanta thing. One of the most repeated Atlanta slang term is Lit. You hear, moms, d and even grandmas say it. It means cool, popular, or great. Abandoned house usually in the hood or projects. Atlanta rapper Future made this phrase a household name amongst the Hip-Hop community. The trap house is the drug house or house that sells drugs. Atlanta rap was first coin trap music by man in the industry.

Rapper T. This term is a reference to your girlfriend, lady friend, or it could even describe a person. Or you will hear it amongst friends as a term of endearment. This phrase is how you would describe your group of friends. This phrase a cooler way to say in that direction over there.

The term used to describe amazing tasting food, particularly anything greasy, juicy, or dripping of the bone. Speed is the key to this phrase. Is when you make fun of someone is a highly, skillful and creative way.

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Other cities call it crackin, roasting, or snapping on one another. Many groups of friends will do this amongst their inner cirlces for sport, but be careful somethings joaning and lead to actual fighting. A combination of peach and lemonade beverages used to create a new flavor, usually accompanied with a piece wing combo. All Rights Reserved. Bilal Morris Posted August 18, Like Us On Facebook! Thank you for subscribing!

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Are you hot in atlanta

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