Busy athletic woman

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Between schoolwork, social life, daily practice and any other extracurricular activities, their schedules can get busy. She participates in two sports at the same time during fall: girls soccer and cross country. There are tough days for her, but she makes it work. But it really is something that I look forward Busy athletic woman, and it helps me.

Miller relies on her time management skills to make it work between the two sports. She talks with girls soccer coach Kim Prestridge and cross country coach Shannon Palone before the seasons begin to discuss the schedules. On days when neither sport is competing, she practices with both teams. She runs with cross country after school, then goes to a nearby park to do some homework before soccer practice. After that, she goes home, gets the rest of her schoolwork done and goes right to bed.

She planned her summer; she had everything planned out. The participation in both sports has affected each one differently.

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But running cross country has made Miller a better soccer player. She plays defense for us for the most part, and she was already a very quick player. But specifically this year, the intensity of her running and how quickly she can track down an attacker have exponentially increased. Miller grew up playing soccer. She played on various club and rec league teams since she was in elementary school.

Cross country, however, is a new passion. As she grew to enjoy running during the early period of the pandemic, when she was an eighth grader, she improved at it. But running cross country for the Wildcats was not yet on her radar.

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Competing in two sports in the same season can be physically taxing for Miller. The social aspect is pretty important to me.

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Prestridge said it takes a particularly driven personality to pull it off. Not like this. But this works.

Busy athletic woman

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