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Aims: To assess the physiological and perceptual responses of fire fighters to a simulated protracted incident in tropical conditions, and to compare the effectiveness of four cooling methods. Methods: 60 fire fighters participated in a simulated structural fire fighting exercise that consisted of furniture removal, tunnel crawling and sandbag filling while wearing structural fire fighting attire in field conditions mean outdoor wet-bulb globe temperature of During the cooling phase, cohort 1 rested quietly in the shade, cohort 2 ingested 7.

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An ingestible telemetry pill permitted measurement of core temperature throughout the exercise, while tympanic temperature, heart rate, blood pressure, subjective thermal sensation and thermal discomfort ratings were recorded periodically throughout the cooling phase.

: Overall, pre-exercise core temperature averaged Mean core temperature of the water immersion group decreased to average 0. A similar pattern continued throughout the exercise, with the water immersion cohort demonstrating lower mean core temperature following the 2nd work phase 0.

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Thermal sensation was perceived as warm to hot following the initial work bout for all cohorts. A similar pattern was repeated across the 2nd and 3rd cooling bouts. Conclusions: This investigation confirms that physical activity while wearing structural fire fighting attire in a tropical environment promotes rapid heat storage. Temperate water immersion is more effective in lowering core temperature than shade, crushed ice ingestion or use of a misting fan during rest periods.

For protracted incidents, a rehabilitation centre with medical support, hydration and cooling inclusive of temperate water immersion is recommended. Website De by Captovate.

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