Flirting in the coffee shop

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There you are, settling in to a window seat with your almond milk chai latte, when you spot a vision across the cafe. There are many ways to get someone at a coffee shop to notice you.

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Whether you know it Flirting in the coffee shop not, a coffee shop is actually a prime place to meet dating prospectsaccording to Fran Greened clinical social worker and author of The Secret Rules of Flirting. The coffee is the common denominator and it is a wonderful icebreaker. Not only that, but you're bound to find a wide range of types of people there as well, with diverse jobs, interests and backgrounds. Still, it can be nerve-wracking to approach a total stranger to strike up a conversation. The best props to get someone to notice you are cute dogs, kids, out-of-the-ordinary or attention-grabbing jewelry, a captivating scent.

Another great option is an article of clothing that points to a passion of yours, a school you attended, or a place you have been. Also, an interesting book, magazine, or newspaper can provide talking points. Also, keep an eye out for any props that your object of interest has that may inspire natural conversation. Still, while chatting that cutie up is obviously a phenomenal way to flirt, there are other ways to let your interest be known.

Make sure to smile, and let your gaze linger for a few seconds. You will be a people magnet! While you may consider talking to yourself to be a no-no in public, anywayGreene says it can actually be a solid tactic for getting someone to notice you — when executed well. If you feel too awkward talking to yourself, you can also take a straightforward approach.

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If you feel anxious about flirting with someone in a coffee shop, Greene says not to fight those nerves — but rather, embrace them. The more you stay focused in the here and now the greater your chances of making a meaningful connection. Wondering what could have been.

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There are so many different ways to get someone to notice you at a coffee shop, and how you go about it will likely depend on your personality, and the situation. Striking up a conversation with some random cutie may feel nerve-wracking at first, but after you take the plunge, that anxiety is bound to turn into exhilaration. Remember — the outcome is irrelevant.

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Either way, you can sip on that cappuccino with a smirk knowing that you just bravely flirted with a perfect stranger — you well-caffeinated minx, you. By Rebecca Strong.

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Flirting in the coffee shop

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Here's How To Get Someone At A Coffee Shop To Notice You