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While you should definitely try to create a relationship where you both feel comfortable opening up to each other, if you are wondering what things you should tell your partnerthe answer is it doesn't have to be everything. Whether it's a secret from your past that you're just not ready to talk about, or an observation that might hurt your partner's feelings, it's always a good idea to use good judgment before spillin' the beans. If the former is true, it be something best kept to yourself. As Head says, "If you are not actively looking to address that thought within your relationship, it's healthier to deal with it on your own or with a trusted friend who can support you emotionally.

As Head says, "If the negative consequences of not telling your partner something could spell the end of your relationship or something similarly catastrophic, you may want to find a way to share it with them.

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Here are a few things experts say you don't have to tell your partner about, if you don't want to. If you have a crush on a coworker, or if you're daydreaming about the barista at your coffeeshop, don't assume it's something that must be revealed to your partner. So unless it's looking like it'll affect your relationship, feel free to keep it to yourself. Revealing your crush will likely only hurt their feelings and cause them to needlessly worry. When you're spending a lot of time with someone, you're likely going to notice a few quirky and potentially unappealing things about them.

Maybe they pee on the toilet seat. Maybe they have really bad breath in the morning. But again, these aren't things that need to be shared. So give them the same courtesy - we're all human, and we all have our own quirks and habits. Part of being in a relationship is helping your partner better themselves as a person, and vice versa.

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You two are a team, and that might mean being honest about your shortcomings, and working together to improve them. That doesn't, however, mean your relationship should I want to share my hubby a free-for-all of pointing out flaws that can't be changed. It will only create negative feelings. In a perfect world, partners would love and appreciate the other's friends and family. But life doesn't always work out that neatly, "and it is OK if you don't totally love all of these people," Head says. That doesn't mean, however, that you should necessarily share these thoughts with your partner.

But if you just don't like these folks, it may better to keep it to yourself, be polite, and spend less time with them. Most people need a while to get over an exeven after they're in a new relationship. There's often baggage and hurt feelings and a sense of loss, and that can stick around for months — or even years. But does that mean your partner needs to know about it? Unless your hangups are directly impacting your current relationship, the answer is usually no. If you think revealing these thoughts to your partner might make them uncomfortable or upset, it's OK to keep them private.

Going off of that, it's almost never a good idea to compare your current partner to someone from your past. It may seem super obvious, but we've all had that moment where we say something like, "My ex did it this way So, tread lightly. Next time, would you mind putting less salt or what if we cooked a meal together? Not everyone is bothered by what their partner did, pre-relationship. And some people even find stories about past sexual encounters kinda hot.

But do think twice about sharing if your partner is someone who feels insecure, or worries about the state of your relationship. Sharing how many people you have slept with does not help improve a relationship and is not something a person should require a partner to disclose.

Unless it's percent necessary for them to know, you might want to keep what other people think of your partner to yourself. As long as you're happy, and in a healthy relationship, it doesn't really matter if your friend "thinks you could do better" or your aunt thinks your partner "is weird.

Will it improve your relationship? If not, then it's OK to keep to yourself.

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Part of being in a relationship is putting up with the little, daily, irksome habits. As Bennett says, "Everyone can get on your nerves from time to time, even those people you love. However, in many cases, calling out their actions isn't worth hurting their feelings or starting a fight.

Does your partner make the kitchen super messy when they're cooking? Do they always forget to water the plants? If it's something big, that may affect your relationship, only then you should bring it up. By Carolyn Steber.

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