Looking for my sexual match

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It began with so much hope, the new year did. You would like to be the year of making a match, yes? And not just sex, mind you, though some great sex might be welcome, thanks, but love. Sex and love. So, how does it work again? Do opposites attract?

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Or are you and your mate supposed to have oh so much in common? Is she supposed to be Republican if I am?

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Is my immune system a good match for his? In what may be a measure of just how desperate we can be to find sex and love, last month a new online dating service called ScientificMatch. It will do this, so it says, by examining a DNA sample you supply to identify major histocompatibility complex MHC markers. MHCs, for you non-biologists, refers to the immune system. You hear about it when somebody needs a bone marrow or other organ transplant and doctors refer to the risk of rejection. But when it comes to sexual attraction, apparently we prefer the differences.

In some animals — mice are often used to demonstrate this — males and females tend to choose mates with differing MHCs. This helps prevent the animals from mating with mom or dad or a sibling and to make healthier babies. They say there is a doctor or researcher behind them and they contradict each other! Nobody agrees. Seeking a magic formula Science has elucidated some primitive elements of human attraction.

Women tell me they find those guys pretty attractive. But this is just attraction. Holzle is right when he says Looking for my sexual match is no proven method to have a happy relationship including his, I would argue. You could be wildly attracted to somebody and have lousy sex, to say nothing of wanting them to stick around and eat scrambled eggs in the morning.

All these s are pretty useless measures of happiness, sexual or otherwise. So when you are out there looking this year, perhaps it would be better to consider a tactic less primitive than sniffing your potential lover.

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But again, what tactic would that be? That is, couples with dissimilar personality traits, attachment styles and sexual strategies were ificantly more satisfied with their dating relationships. Two introverts could make each other miserable.

What does this do to the idea that it's best to find a mate just like you? Yet another study from eHarmony.

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Interestingly, religiosity did not seem very important in most reports. Similar attitudes about religion and politics turn out not to be very good predictors of relationship happiness, which may help explain why Mary Matalin and James Carville have managed to stay married through both Clinton and Bush years.

Really all about you? Happy people tend to be happy in relationships. The lovers and spouses of people who are less negative in their outlook and behavior tend to be more satisfied, too. Where does this leave us?

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Without a magic formula. It also seems safe to say that the person with whom you had so much fun deconstructing "Teen Titans" could be terrible in bed and make you equally unhappy in the long run. The man you thought was a nerdy loser could turn out to be Tarzan in bed and your ideal husband.

Take a risk and get out there and make THE year!

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Oh, and one more thing before you go: If that new person you are ga-ga over smells anything like your mom or dad, you might want to compare family trees. IE 11 is not supported. For an optimal experience visit our site on another browser. Hispanic Heritage Month U. Share this —. Follow NBC News. Brian Alexander.

Looking for my sexual match

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