Married male in sexless marriage

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You might wonder how much sex is considered healthy and whether or not you should be concerned, especially if you would never describe your union as loveless.

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According to a report from the General Social Surveythe average married couple has sex about 58 times per year, or a little more than once per week. People get into unrealistic comparisons with others over some arbitrary standard. Many experts consider the definition of a sexless marriage as one that engages in sexual intercourse less than 10 times a year. However, Varma prefers not asing a specific as there are varying definitions.

Varma explains.

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A survey in The Social Organization of Sexuality showed that roughly 15 to 20 percent of married couples are in a sexless relationship. Many different factors can contribute to a decrease in intimacy.

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There can be life stressors like financial struggles, as well as physical changes such as weight gain or loss that can cause insecurity, and mental health issues, to name a few. Though, according to Douglas, a lack of intimacy should still be taken seriously.

Varma points out that many people end up slowly easing into this change and find it becomes normal. Varma says. Whereas others just don't value sex that much, which is also okay. A lot of it is based on communication and a willingness to be open with your needs. Varma suggests finding a time to speak when both partners are not feeling angry, tired, or stressed. Read: skip the late-night pillow talk.

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Sending texts that are playful, and flirtatious can help plant the seeds of seduction, she says. You can also show your partner that you care by spending time with them, or doing things that might make their day easier. There are plenty of reasons for not having sex, ranging from cultural to health-related, or simply personal preference.

According to Dr. Varma, the reality is that people sometimes have different narratives in their he.

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If a partner is connecting these feelings to the act of physical sex, the abscence of it might greatly affect the relationship. Your Best Life.

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Married male in sexless marriage

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So, You Have a Sexless Marriage—Can Your Relationship Survive?