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Facing rejection for a job a few years back at a global bank, he responded with a series of cutting denunciations. His confrontational style touches such raw nerves that one top Obama administration official, Susan E. His career was built on media relations, but his Twitter attacks on journalists have led some to mute him or skip his briefings.

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Bombastic perseverance and ostentatious attention-seeking may be problematic traits for some employers, but they have helped fuel Mr. Inthe president nominated him to be ambassador to Germanya perch that Mr. Grenell has used to spread his brand of combative conservatism and emerge as an outspoken Trump loyalist. Last month, the president made Mr. Grenell the most powerful spymaster on earth, naming him Nasty nsa all ages acting director of national intelligence for the United States — the least-experienced, most overtly political person ever to occupy the post, which oversees the Central Intelligence Agency, the National Security Agency and 15 other departments.

On Friday, Mr. Trump announced that he would nominate Representative John Ratcliffe, Republican of Texas, as his permanent choice for the job, selecting someone Senate Republicans said last summer was unqualified. If the Senate blocks Mr. Grenell initially said he would return to Berlin and continue as ambassador after a permanent director is confirmed. But this week he told the conservative Daily Wire that he intends to re from his post as ambassador once Mr.

Ratcliffe is confirmed, an outcome that is far from certain. McLaughlin, who served as deputy director and acting director of the C. Bush administrations.

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Grenell, 53, grew up in Jenison, Mich. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard. After graduation, he cycled through political communications jobs in California and New York and on Capitol Hill. Inhe ed the United States mission to the United Nations as a spokesman. At the U. Bolton, who would go on to serve as Mr. Grenell was frequently in the room for policy debates, and was steeped in the national security issues that preoccupied the administration after the Sept.

He developed close, often fraught relationships with reporters, publicly berating those he did not like and delivering scoops to those he did. Grenell, working his Republican connections, applied for a public relations job at Deutsche Asset Management in New York.

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Facing rejection, he fired off angry s to Deutsche executives from his Blackberry, according to Mark Groombridge, who was Mr. Groombridge warned him to stop. Groombridge said in an interview.

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Grenell moved to Southern California, where he worked as a spokesman-for-hire. He expanded his media profile, blasting Democrats and journalists so often, and in such antagonistic terms, that some blocked or muted him on Twitter.

Inwhen Mr. Obama nominated Ms. Rice, then his U. Obama later appointed Ms. Rice as his national security adviser, and Nasty nsa all ages. Rice and Mr. Grenell have been scrapping ever since. Rice said in a public appearance after Mr. Trump installed him as acting director of national intelligence. She went on to call him nasty and dishonest.

His elevation to overseeing U. Grenell also claimed on a now-defunct website that he had worked with clients based in China, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Iran, Kazakhstan and Somalia, among other places. Democrats are now raising questions about whether he was fully forthcoming in his financial disclosure statements and whether some of his work ran afoul of the Foreign Agents Registration Act, or FARA.

Schumer wrote in a letter to the department. In opinion piecesMr. Grenell defended Vladimir Plahotniuc, a Moldovan oligarch and politician, casting the accusations of corruption against him and his political party as Russian propaganda, as first reported by ProPublica. Plahotniuc fled Moldova last year and was sanctioned by the State Department in January. Grenell did not list income from Mr. Plahotniuc or any Moldovan interests on his personal financial disclosure statement. But he did disclose that the consulting firm he started, Capitol Media Partners, was paid by the consulting firm of Arthur Finkelstein, a pioneering Republican political consultant who worked extensively in Eastern and Central Europe.

Finkelstein died in Plahotniuc led, according to someone familiar with the work. Elliot S. Berke, a lawyer retained by Mr. Grenellsaid in a statement that Mr. Berke said, adding that Mr. Finkelstein media and strategic advice, and made introductions to United Nations diplomats and officials. Berke said. Tax filings show that Mr. The payments from the foundation, which were first reported by the Quincy Institute for Responsible Statecraft, also were not listed on Mr.

During the campaign, Mr. Grenell had criticized Mr. Trump on Twitter, but once Mr. Trump clinched the nomination, Mr. He enlisted Republican allies and donors to get him an administration job, ultimately winning the coveted role Nasty nsa all ages Mr. I think there is a groundswell of conservative policies that are taking hold because of the failed policies of the left.

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He succeeded in getting Berlin to accept a year-old Nazi camp guard who had been living in New York, who died shortly after he was expelled from the United States, and arrived in Germany. Try being the U. Grenell has tried to calm fears that he will politicize his new role. McLaughlin said. David Enrich contributed reporting from New York.

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Kitty Bennett contributed research.

Nasty nsa all ages

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