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Not about seeing the dancers or the clients or the club itself, but about the prospect of getting to know this place and telling its story. I sat Private adult club gainsville florida the parking lot in my Toyota Camry, surrounded by pickup trucks and wheelers. I stepped out of the comfort of my car and headed inside, past s around the doorway that warned drunk, high, rowdy and underage customers: Turn back now. For the amount of our cover charge try to approach a Beautiful Lady on the Street or in K-Mart etc… and ask her to get totally naked and dance for you for hours, She might slap you and probably call the police.

Come on in! I was greeted immediately by a familiar scent in an unfamiliar place: public Private adult club gainsville florida carpet that has soaked up sweat, grease and the aroma of activity for years.

On one side was a mirror that stretched across the entire wall. On the other were poles, lined up like prison bars. Beyond the poles was a counter with diner-style swivel stools bolted to the ground. Commanding the poles were women who wore nothing but weapon-grade heels and maybe a garter for collecting dollar bills.

On every table was a menu with a picture of a naked woman lying down with her back arched at an impressive angle. I put in my order for a short stack of pancakes and hash browns and took note of my surroundings. The hum of the local TV news report. But why was I embarrassed? It was their job, after all, to be looked at.

It was painfully obvious that I was the only young woman there who was not on the stage. My fellow customers were geriatric white men who flicked me nervous side-eyes. One of my nervous responses is to gulp down water or coffee or whatever drink is on hand, so I soon had to use the restroom. The space doubled as the dressing room. I hopscotched around their purses and makeup bags, past the lockers and toward the stalls, which had no doors.

Of course. Some of the dancers chatted as they primped. A plethora of pamphlets, newspaper articles, charts, photos and fliers blanketed the walls of the dressing room. Back in the dining room, I finished off my hash browns, dropped a few dollars in the tip bucket and climbed out of the neon lights and back into my sensible four-door sedan. Alachua County code prohibits nudity where alcoholic beverages are sold. Although the dry policy receives some grumbles from new customers, longtime patrons fancy it as a favorite spot for a hot meal and a bit of feminine attention.

There was the old man in a starched shirt, loafers and wire-frame glasses. Customers often ask dancers for their phone s, when they get off work and if they can take them out for dinner. Perhaps these customers would envy me. I had the privilege of getting to know the dancers outside the club over lattes and cocktails. I got to know them not as caricatures or stereotypes, but as people simply doing a job that has been in demand since man first drew breath. Nor was it just a place to get a bite to eat. It was a curious blend of both down-home comfort and sexual fantasy.

A strip club that sells grilled cheese sandwiches instead of alcohol is an anomaly, to be sure. I was intrigued by the women who work there. They found ways to have fun during long shifts. The women here were exotic dancers, but they were also teachers, mothers, business owners, Ph.

They looked forward to fishing on weekends and road-tripping with their girlfriends. They worked hard to feed their families. Those stories had, naturally, made the operators suspicious of reporters. Midway into my reporting, owner Asher Sullivan Jr. I wanted to learn more about this club full of women who were just a short drive away from my apartment in Gainesville. Most strip clubs have a house mom who takes care of the girls when they need a tampon, a snack or a shoulder to cry on. Cherry is not her real name. She and the other women in this story wanted Private adult club gainsville florida be identified only by their stage names due to the nature of their work.

She possesses that rare kind of warmth that allows people to relax their shoulders when she enters a room. Her biggest concern is that her girls stay peppy, polished and friendly. And that they keep their shoes on. When girls interview with Cherry, their first test is to get naked. Girls are often hired without any stripping experience, so she trains them to make sure they feel confident, safe and in control before they ever set foot on stage.

Cherry is a dream of a woman: Sassy, rarely clothed and always down for an adventure. They want her. They want a real woman to touch their knee and laugh at their jokes. They want a real woman to straddle them while they lament the lonely life of a road dog. She told me about a guy who came in one day to buy a lap dance. They talked while she danced, and then she asked if she could get on top of him. His answer surprised her.

One time when we met for lunch, a man catcalled me as I was walking her back to her car. She immediately took me by the arm and led me away to make it seem like I was leaving with her. The man left us alone. When I met her, Scarlett was 22 and enrolled at UF. She was studying mechanical and electrical engineering but still figuring out what she wanted to do with the rest of her life.

She moved to Gainesville a couple years ago in pursuit of a boy. She was working long hours as a server at Yamato Japanese Steakhouse for inificant wages, and she needed a job with flexible hours that could pay her bills and tuition.

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Her sister told her she should be a stripper. Scarlett scoffed at the suggestion at first. Scarlett is a woman who enjoys being the center of attention, and she knows it. Scarlett is not from these parts.

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She grew up in San Francisco, California, one of the most expensive cities to live in the U. She went to a private school that practiced the alternative Waldorf method of teaching and had the same teacher and 20 classmates from first to eighth grade. That was the innocent side to her granola-crunching Californihood. But she also lived next to nude beaches, and her work commute took her past people in chains crawling on all fours at the Folsom Street Leather Fair. Scarlett was hardly a stranger to adult-themed exhibitionism.

Hers was an upbringing that lent itself to self-expression and, eventually, sexual freedom. Scarlett is aware of the irony in her story—that she is stripping here while the clubs in her hometown flaunt private champagne rooms, VIP lounges and celebrity guests.

Cameras point to every inch of the club, including private dance rooms, and the manager on duty is always keeping an eye on the footage. She has heard this from some of the other girls who have danced in such places. On stage, Scarlett is all legs and flowing raven hair. She has big, honest eyes and an infectiously bubbly personality. She wears sheer bathrobes and sparkly chandelier earrings. Most of her work clothes come from fans, who will sometimes bring in pieces for the dancers to wear, but she makes everything look deer.

Her ature move is to make intense eye contact with her customers while she dances. I recognize the space you occupy. My attention is yours. But dancing is more than eye contact and sensual moves. In fact, Scarlett says that she sells Private adult club gainsville florida percent of her dances based on conversations with patrons.

Sometimes that means chatting about the weather or how she manages to walk in 6-inch heels. Other times, the conversation is more serious.

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Sometimes patrons feel comfortable enough to tell Scarlett about their marital woes or other personal struggles. To them, she is a blank slate, a bellhop in fishnets ready to receive their emotional baggage. Scarlett is a persona that she takes on to keep her distance from her fans. Scarlett is to her what Wonder Woman is to Diana Prince. And she puts away Scarlett for the day by showering off the smell of fried food, meditating and playing with her cat and dog. This she does without a Lasso of Truth or a golden crown—all she needs is her heels and some time to change her patrons forever.

He had just found out that, in his words, his son was gay and wanted to be a woman. Instead of telling his son he was going to burn in hell, he told him he was loved. Scarlett is a long way from home, but I also met dancers who grew up not too far from this place. Like Karter. Karter is a busy woman. Still, she made time to meet me for a couple of Jack and Cokes after she got off work one day. She brightened at the prospect of disproving stereotypes of dancers. Karter, 28, started stripping when she was Her parents were divorced, and she was living with her mom.

Not again. She started working at a bikini bar in Daytona, Florida and hid the cash she made each night under her mattress. Or find out about her hustle. Karter burst into tears. She might need some form of protection in the future. Could he? But she has a Private adult club gainsville florida of her own to take care of. Now, she wears 8-inch heels. Karter and her true identity, she told me, are pretty much the same. When she graduated from high school, she said she dabbled in working as a certified nursing assistant.

For her, life as a CNA was spent rushing from one patient to the next with no real regard for bedside manner or empathy for the patient.

Private adult club gainsville florida

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