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I have a love of cars that keeps me looking through the classified section of the local paper looking to see what people are charging for new cars these days. The other day I was looking at the paper and was surprised to see a version of the Nissan Versa going for something ridiculous like nine thousand dollars, about the same price as a Hyundai Elantra. It seems the little Honda is recession proof. At the end of the automobile classifieds was the Dating.

Each ad was done in big bold print in order to fill the entire. While the regular classified would have a font size of about six, the of people seeking relationships looked like it had a font size of about Sbf looking for swm. It appears that the newspaper advertising for dates is dwindling in this part of the country but the newspaper insist on filling theif not with more then with bigger. The extra large font and bold print caught my eye and before I realized what I was doing I was reading the Dating.

There was one ad in particular that caught my eye. A single black woman was looking for a single white male for a long term relationship, black men need not apply. Although it was expected, nevertheless I was disappointed to see a black woman spending good money to find a relationship specifically with a white man. I saved the Dating to the dismay of my partner. Peacemaker wanted to know why I was bothering to look. So why are you bothering to save it? I thought I wanted to do an article about it.

So when are you doing this article? That conversation was a few weeks ago. A lot of men are attracted to women of various races. A lot of women are attracted to men of various races. But I am always saddened to see black people who simply refuse to date their own. I know a lot of black people will say that the of good black people to develop a solid relationship is so dismal that they have to go outside the black community or run the risk of not dating at all.

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The other reasons black people date exclusively outside our race is a learned dislike for black people as potential relationship partners. And by what measure are black people considered inadequate candidates for other black people?

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I remember seeing a black man complaining that there was not a single black women who shared his interest that he wanted to have a relationship with. What was his interest? The black man wanted a woman who could discuss things in detail such as the television show Friends. Having an in depth knowledge of the characters on this show that seldom showed a black person in the background, let alone a substantial guess character, disqualified black women to the point he had to date outside his race.

The single black person that is interested in only single white people has given up on the black community. There is no interest in helping to keep the black community strong. There is no interest in helping the black community survive. There is no interest in raising black children who are strong in their black identity to help assure the future of the black community. The way some black people act the hooded wooded spotted owl of the Amazon basin has a better chance for a future than the black community.

Interracial relationships that happen as the result of a random act of circumstances are one thing. Two people from Sbf looking for swm opposite sides of the Sbf looking for swm track that can manage to develop a relationship despite their differences can be a wonderful thing as long as care is taken to respect each other as honest equals. But the same person will not hesitate to recognize their white partner as a fully fledged member of the white community. White people in an interracial relationship never refer to themselves as peachy or creamed or pink or rosy. Black people who want to date exclusively outside the black community do themselves, their ancestors, and their future descendant, if they are lucky enough to have any, a serious disservice.

For every black person that works specifically to develop a relationship with anyone other than another black person, the black community will simply have to exist with one less black person to help in the effort to end this racial disparity. It is unfortunate, but the black community will do better without people who want to undermine what it means to be black. Think on that! Comment by Salsa Friday, December 19, Reply.

I have thought about it. Comment by brotherpeacemaker Friday, December 19, Reply. Louis on speed dial. Comment by asabagna Friday, December 19, Reply. Comment by lifeisannoying Friday, December 19, Reply. It used to get to me. But I understand the mechanics of the whole mechanism a little clearer these days. It is a hatred of their self that they must deal with. A black person who has such disdain for being black is no one to be insulted by. I will come back later and elaborate. I have been noticing that quite a few black bloggers have been discussing this topic even bloggers who rarely deal with such social issues.

What Salsa needs to realize is that the majority of black people would not be here or at least who they are if it were not for some past interracial relationship. Whether it was welcomed or not. It is about the hatred that some people have for their own race. That is sad. These people have been deeply affected by the systemic racism which breeds contempt for black people.

This brings them to hate themselves and others like them. They also go to great lengths to distance themselves from blackness. Comment by theblacksentinel Friday, December 19, Reply.

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Comment by brotherpeacemaker Saturday, December 20, Reply. I had to laugh at the part where you saved the dating for that ad, and then came under the heavy artillery of your female counterpart. Once again I have found commonality with you. It seems some of us males see something as totally innocent only to to be informed otherwise by our better halves.

When oh when will they realize that we are not overly complicated, skillfully deceitful creatures, rather than mere curious individuals? For some of us it might be curiosity. Comment by brotherpeacemaker Monday, December 22, Reply. Comment by brotherpeacemaker Monday, December 22, Most black women like myself are frustrated. Its my sense of enlightenment and optimism that allows he not to put up something as brazen as the sista above.

Head over to What About Our Daughters as well as other blogs for written for black women by black women and you will see a common thread. There is a feeling of hurt and betrayal that has turned into hatred and resentment. You will see it in the comments. I tend to agree with them. I started writing and had a little Sbf looking for swm stopping. You see, the last thing I see when I see a black woman for the first time is my opponent.

The first thing I see when I am in the presence of a black woman is an ally. My first inclination is someone who shares my strengths and weaknesses, my joys and pains, my likes and dislikes, my future and my past. At least, that is what I see when I meet black women. The last thing I see is someone who is beneath me, a black man. When I see a sister on the street, the last thing I see is someone that needs to submit to my will.

Recently, maybe a few months ago, I wrote an article titled Elk Snout Mayor For Vice President about my misfortune of discussing politics with a black woman at work who I discovered was a staunch supporter of everything Republican having voted for George Bush to be president twice. When Mr. I was seriously disappointed.

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My friend had a seriously low opinion of black men. She was a single mother with a son whose father abandoned the two a long time ago. I asked her about her choice of partners to copulate with, what attracted her to him. He was tall, he was fair skinned with a good grade of hair, he had an attractive build, and he had an air of excitement. Never once did I hear her say anything like he was responsible, he was intelligent, he showed Sbf looking for swm to do what was right, or he was family oriented.

This woman was ready to use her experience with this man as the prime definition of what it meant to have a relationship with a black man. So when Mr. Obama says black men need to be more responsible, she was simply too supportive of that single perception. I wrote another article about Good Orgasms.

In it, I made reference to a black young lady back in college who made a decision that led to her having with a young black man who was a sexual predator. No doubt, this was a woman who also felt black men were irresponsible. Both of these black women feel the need to define their problem of being single mothers as the product of trying to have a relationship with black men who failed to appreciate these women for who they are.

But whether or not these women can lay the blame for their choices solely at the feet of black men is a matter of contention. They both made the choice to have a relationship with black men who were less than ideal partners for the development of a meaningful relationship. They both chose to have relationships with men who did not value them as meaningful partners.

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But by no means does this type of behavior define all black men or all black women or all black relationships. Nevertheless, a powerful force is being used to promote an idea into the minds of young impressionable black people the notion that black people should not, must not, and cannot unite in any reasonable fashion to take the black community into the future.

Where can this notion manifest itself best than in the idea that black men do not see black women as equals in our struggle for equality? A house divided cannot and will not stand.

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