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The meeting was called to order and The Pledge of Allegiance was given. Motion carried. Discussed electricity for the Canister Station building. Lighting has been installed for the at the Fire Hall. Light has been installed over Outing Quick Response cabinets on the northeast corner in the Fire Hall. Two drop cords have also been installed. Outing Quick Response will cover the costs of installation.

Prices for upgrade of the Town Hall are being obtained. Discussed requests from various organizations requesting donations, including: Minnesota Benefits Assn. Historical Society. Discussed group life insurance. Discussed dual fuel for the Crooked Lake Town Hall. Discussed that the Audit Mtg. Discussed Fire Dept wells. Discussed the Township credit cards.

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Arrangements have been made so that the bill would be received in time to make payment on time. Work Comp. New cab cards have been received for trucks.

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The Town Board will receive a request to vacate a road at the March regular meeting. Discussed cart way for property north of Town. Glen Mechelke, Clerk. Jean Prax, Supervisor. The clerk called the Meeting to order. The Pledge of Allegiance was given. Judy Abts was appointed moderator. Minutes of the March 13th, Annual Meeting were read. Motion carred. The Treasurer's report was given.

New culverts were placed and ditching was done on some ro. Class 5 has been prepared for spring road maintenance. Class 5 will be put on Andrus Lake Road in Anyone wishing to have dust control done thie year must notify the Town Board by May 15th. The Fire report was given. The Fire Dept. The Jaws of Life was used by the Fire Dept. The rescue vehicle has been equipped with a full line of equipment.

Five people have retired from the Fire Dept, one new member has ed and more are needed. The Crooked Lake Fire Dept. A major replacement fund is established for the Fire Dept. There are plans of the Outing Quick Response Team to go to the new narrow band radio system. The Building Supervisor reported that the final four large windows on the north end of the Town Hall have been replaced. The two east auxiliary exit doors were also replaced. Fire Hall lighting has been updated along with a new. It was reported that there are several items that continue to need attention.

The Township hall is in great need of new siding and flooring needs to be replaced. The interior walls need to be brightened and upgraded. The septic system needs to be brought up to code. He attempted to get input from the people in attendance as to their feeling as to how much money should be put into the old Town Hall. People felt that they should have better information before making a decision.

Discussed recommendations for levies by the Town Board. The Board felt that as long as there was no longer a need to request money for the Fire and Emergency Bldg. According to information the Town Board had, money could be transferred from the Contingency Fund to any fund in trouble. Discussed recessing the Annual Mtg. The motion was voted on. Moderator declared the no vote carried. A show of hands was requested. The Moderator declared the no vote carried. Motion failed. An individual pointed out that the Outing Volunteer Library had a lot of use and he felt that the Town Board should pick up the utility costs.

Discussion was held and another idea was suggested. The vote was called for on the motion. The motion failed. Discussed the possibility of Sex meets Crooked Lake Park wells around Crooked Lake Township that would supply water for fire fighting. Discussed requests from various organizations for funding including Mn. The audience showed now interest in funding any of them.

The Meeting was called to order and the Pledge of Allegiance was Sex meets Crooked Lake Park. Discussed bingo in Luscher's Park. Discussed clean up day for Spring of Discussed the acoustics in the Town Hall.

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John Leuthard will investigate this. Lighting for has been completed and extension installed at the Fire Station.

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Meet at at the Town Hall to share rides. Discussed the amount of money needed to meet expenses from Jan. Discussed correspondence recieved by the Township. Discussed ro ending in lakes that would be inspected by the Town Board. Discussed annual inspection for Township buildings and grounds.

A letter from Grace Schuler was discussed. Condition of the Crooked Lake Town Hall was discussed. The suggestion was made that the Township should hire and outside appraiser to inspect the condition of the Town Hall and make recommendations. Stat The road proposed to be vacated is described as: All that part of Birch Drive located in the Platt of Birch Bay on Washburn Lake located between the northerly right of way of Birch Ridge and the southerly right of way of Birch Court.

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The Crooked Lake Town Boad will conduct a hearing at AM on the 11th day of April at road site to examine the road, recieve public comment, consider the proposed action, and act on the petition.

Sex meets Crooked Lake Park

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Sex meets Crooked Lake Park