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Generally speaking, one of the least sexy parts of any relationship is toilet cleaning. How often and by whom a bathroom gets cleaned speaks volumes about the people living in the home. I am no clean freak but I hate to see brown stains in the toilet bowl, toothpaste flecks on the mirror, and hairs in the sink.

In our Sexy clean professional, it is the person who notices the dirt who ends up cleaning. Frank and I have managed to raise two wonderful kids, build and maintain our home, pursue our varied interests and careers, and still keep the flame alive. What does sex have to do with bathroom cleaning? Years ago when I was home with our son and working part-time while Frank worked full-time, I complained to my mom about how much work it was keeping the house clean.

Sometimes I pretend I am Cinderella, daydreaming while sweeping the ashes from the wood stove. I am waltzing at the ball with Prince Charming.

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Last week I decided to try combining romance with cleaning. After all, Frank and I built our life together based on love. I started by telling him my fantasy for a sexy bathroom cleaning experience. After all, sex is sex, however it comes to be. First, he put on the cleaning apron. I adjusted the buckle around his waist and snapped him in.

He looked so hot! I put the spray bottle of all-purpose cleaner in the holster on his right hip and the blue window cleaner on his left, my hand straying and lingering a moment. I made sure he had the extra tools, a plastic scraper, the crevice toothbrush and razor blade for gunk, and we were ready to go. I loved seeing my guy on his knees scrubbing the shower. Our fingertips brushed gently as I handed him the scouring powder.

When he asked for a screwdriver I happily obliged, expressing my appreciation for his removing the drain cover to clean the accumulated hair and scum. I went to work on the wood cabinets and scrubbed the years of fingerprints from various heights marking the growth of our boys into men. I dusted the Audubon print of a White-winged Crossbill that was a wedding gift and cleaned the glass on the photo of the bridge near our house, a gift from my sister.

Frank surprised me by taking off the bell-shaped globe from the light fixture to wash the dust and bugs. After he polished the brass elephant bookends that we inherited from my dad, we put everything back. Frank scrubbed the inside while I wiped the outside of Sexy clean professional toilet. I washed the mirror and he cleaned the sink. We stood back and admired our clean and cheery bathroom.

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I am not sure this is what my mom had in mind when she suggested making cleaning a game but I am guessing she would be smiling and nodding approval from heaven. This story has a happy ending, which you will have to imagine, and a moral that I will share. Bathroom cleaning as foreplay is a great way to get the job done! in. Felicia C. How to Sexy Clean the Bathroom. Keep the fire of passion burning and the shower drain unclogged. Karen Traub Follow. I Love You Relationships now. I dance in libraries with a snake. I Love You Follow. Written by Karen Traub Follow. More From Medium.

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Sexy clean professional

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