We all need some help right

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Go to Songsear. Coming to guide you home. So I'd love to hear a guess or the song's title! I believe that song is from Johnny Cash. Ok so the song I'm looking for goes boys like you can't tell when they've got something really real girls like me we stayed just cuz we feel the way we feel it's your loss now I was once down stop talking about you miss me now it's your loss now. I'm looking for a song that goes; boys like you can't tell when they got something really real girls like me we stay just cuz we feel the way we feel it's your loss now I was once down stop talking about you miss me now it's your loss now.

Hi, I'm looking for an artist and her songs. She's more We all need some help right and not well known. I can't remember much of the songs but they're more soft sounding. She sings about being in love and touching herself and ect, she sang once about giving her crush head or something. I really need to find the artist. You could check her other songs to see if she wrote one about Looking for a song I downloaded from P2P sites about 20 years ago.

The MP3 was titled "Follow" by Tool, but no such song exists. The song was Tool-esk and the vocals sound very similar to Maynard James Keenan. Lyrics I recall: You don't understand and you never will, too You can't understand what I am going through What's not in your hand, It's not in your hand, [Repeat].

I am looking for a metal song I heard in my teens. The lyrics go something like Can someone please show me the way to snow heaven. And repeats snow heaven in the chorus. It has a chorus that goes "Where does it hurt, I'll make it better. She'll forgive and forget if you let her. Where does it hurt, I'll make it better.

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We could lose on our own but not together". I have it taped from the radio years ago but having no joy on Shazam with it. Hope someone can help! Thank you Daniel and any others who have tried to help. Daniel has given the right answer, I have just listened to it on U-tube.

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I listen to an online radio station that does not give any details, only heard this track once and did not have "Shazam" handy. Edie Brickell Good Times "You don't even have to try It comes easy for you The way you move is so appealing It could make me cry Go out driving with my friends In Bobby's big old beat up car I'm with a lot of people then I wonder where you are Good times, bad times, give me some of that Good times, bad times, give me some of that Good times, bad times, give me some of that I don't want to say goodbye Don't want to walk you to the door I spend a little time with you I want a little more Good times, bad times, give me some of that Good times, bad times, give me some of that".

Please can you help. I remember a song from the periodsome song, it says like this "A nana nananana Its a male singer. Hope someone can help please. The chorus is "Where does it hurt, I'll make it better. We could lose on our own. But not together. Hey, I got a song that I've been searching for for years, I'm not really sure about the lyrics but it's something like this "I'll give anything to hear you say, love is forgiving, for you love is a game" Please help me find this song Thank you.

I was at a subway and heard a song that said "I can't take your call right now" and then I think it said "cause I need you here with me" or something similar. Been looking all day, cannot find it, please help!

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It is sung by a woman, but sounds like a man doing the chorus. I found it once on YouTube, probably about 10 or so years ago, but cannot remember the artist. I have way too much info on this song to not be able to find it. Please help. Will i ever loose if i fight myself ,run. Please tell me the song name. Hey, can anyone help me find this song? I heard it recently and only a few lyrics have been stuck in my head " I'd laugh i'd scream I'd cryyyy" Searching everywhere and I can't find it!!!

Pls help. I need some help figuring out the name of the song. I couldn't find it on Google. This song was sung by a male. And any suggestions would help : Thanks. Champagne glasses clinking together. Phone is ringing. She delays to answer. Thank you so much for your help. I can't find this one song. I know it's by a girl and I only remember some of the words and parts of the song: "You gave me roses, but I'm afraid to hold em', I scared without you Take one step, that's all I need for you to do I know that it plays on It was on True Life Crime season 2 ep 6.

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The very last song. I need to know who sings it!!! Please please help?!?! I'm looking for a song thst goes like: I never knew I had enough till I had too much" but if I'm searching for it I can't find it, well my friend says it's called "too much" but I checked and it's not right Anybody knows that song? There's a song, where the only lyric I can remember is "I'm goooooing across the deltaaa", the singer had a deep voice, I think the music stopped as he sang that.

Thank you in advance, please help, if anyone is able to. Hey everyone, been trying to figure out this song for the past 13 - 15 years or so. Now that your sorry for tomorrow.

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Looking for a tiktok song, I heard it mixed with Dangerous woman by Ariana Grande. I don't know the exact words, but I believe it goes like "All them trynna be like that, why they tryna be like that, they know how I". That's just what it sounds like to me though. If someone could help, greatly appreciated. Hey guys, I'm looking for a song I saw on a TV advert about 5 or 6 years ago. I can't remember the exact lyrics but it goes like this "what do you want me It's a pop song by a female singer, anybody has any idea?

Please help me find a song with the lyrics "I want it all" and "stay with me", I think it's a 90s or 80s rock song. Hey so looking for a country song that was on tiktok.

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Hey there guys! I've been searching for a song I don't know nothing but the lyrics about it. Looks like a remix, but I have one video where this song is played. Hi Guys being searching for the song sang right at the end of nurses season 2 episode 3, because of the talk in the background couldn't get the lyrics clearly. Hi, I'm looking for the name of an indie song that came out this year a while back.

We all need some help right

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