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Show All Answers. An Interior Renovation building permit is necessary for remodeling a kitchen or bath.

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Many of the homes in Webster Groves were built before the adoption of building codes, and in some cases do not meet current minimum safety standards. A plumbing permit is necessary for the replacement of a water heater. Newly installed water heaters must also have an expansion tank installed. Some newer models cannot be installed without altering other parts of the system. An Exterior Building Permit is necessary for building a deck. A deck must be able to support the furniture and people using it.

A deck, in most cases, must also have a protective guard rail for fall protection. Accessory Structure Permit Application. Any time a house or condominium changes ownership, or a rental changes occupant, an inspection, Certificate of Compliance, and Occupancy Permit are needed for the new occupant. The only exceptions are for apartments, which are inspected periodically, regardless of changes in occupancy. A new occupant of an apartment does need an Occupancy Permit. In. Show All Answers 1. Are there restrictions on construction hours?

Construction is restricted to 7 a. Monday through Webster needs work, 7 a. Interior Renovation building permit application 3.

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Do I need a permit Webster needs work replace a water heater? Plumbing permit application 4. Do I need a permit to build a deck? Exterior Renovation Building Permit Application 5. Do I need a permit to build a shed? Accessory Structure Permit Application 6. Any person owning and living in the home can do plumbing and electrical work. That person must show that he or she is capable of doing the work by passing a homeowner's test, and must personally do all the work.

In addition, the homeowner is required to an affidavit stating that he or she lives in the residence, and will remain for 12 months. How do I leave feedback for the Department? Fill out a Customer Satisfaction Survey. Do I need an Occupancy Permit? What is a derelict car? All vehicles need to be in working order and properly d, without flat tires, hanging or missing parts, etc.

Essentially, the owner needs to be able to get in the car and drive away and not be pulled over for lack of current car tags. My neighbor has tree limbs overhanging my property. Am I allowed to trim them?

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A person can trim what is in their own yard, but only up to the property line. How tall can I let my grass grow before cutting it? Technically, the rule is ten inches. Exceptions are provided for cultivated garden areas. Am I allowed to park my car on the grass? Cars are not allowed to be parked on grass.

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They may only be parked on a hard paved surface or gravel. Live Edit Close. How do I? Arrow Left Arrow Right.

Webster needs work

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